2009. április 24., péntek

Book Launch of the anthology "New Finnish Plays" at the Örkény Theatre

PanoDrama's book launch of new Finnish plays 
at 4.30 pm on April 26th at the Örkény Theatre

supported by Finnagora 

The anthology appearing with the Polar Publishing House will be presented by PanoDrama with actors and involving Sirkku Peltola, one of the playwrights, featuring all four translators.

The book can be bought on the spot for 1800 HUF instead of the regular 2800 HUF.

Excerpts will be heard from Mika Myllyaho's Panic  in the rehearsed reading version presented by PanoDrama in March with actors of the National Theatre and directed by Roland Rába, as well as Leea Klemola's wonderful absurd, Kokkola that some might remember from the Krétakör reading three years ago, as well as Juha Jokela's Mobile Horror read at the National Theatre Festival POSzT last year in PanoDrama's three-piece series presenting new international drama and of two plays translated for the anthology: Sirkku Peltola's tragicomedy Finnhorse and Sofi Oksanen's Purging, which has been awarded the Finlandia and Runeberg Awards as a novel.

Hámori Gabriella, Makranczi Zalán, Miklós Marcell, Pogány Judit, Szabó Kimmel Tamás and Szalay Marianna

Guest of honour:
Sirkku Peltola, author of The Finnhorse,

and Pap Éva,
founding director of Polar Publishing House and translator of Purging

and the translators Falk Nóra, Jankó-Szép Yvette and Kovács Ottília

Moderated by
Anna Lengyel


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