2008. október 23., csütörtök

Sarah Ruhl's Clean House opened in Budapest

Sarah Ruhl: Tiszta vicc (Clean House)

A joint production of PanoDrama and Sanyi és Aranka Theatre

Opened: 10 October 2008.

Four-five shows a month: January 3, 13, 14, 19, 22

Ana Margitai Ági
Lane Kováts Adél
Virginia Csákányi Eszter
Matilde Földeáki Nóra / Szandtner Anna
Charles Varga Zoltán

Translator/Producer Merényi Anna
Set / Costume  Mészáros Zsófia
Assistant Várkonyi Tímea

Directed by Lukáts Andor

Matilde hates cleaning. Virginia loves cleaning. Lane can afford not to clean the house. Ana doesn't expect the maid to clean the house, it's enough if she tells jokes. For Charles Ana matters most, but so does Lane.

Ana is sick. She is Charles's patient. Lane is Charles's wife and a doctor. Charles is also a doctor, but believes in the healing power of trees more than his medicine. He flies to Alaska to bring a tree, but is not allowed on the plane and has to learn to fly.

Matilde is trying to think of the perfect joke..

A woman's play. American. And absurd. What more do you want?

Sponsors: NKA, EJI and YomanAndYoman.