2009. szeptember 26., szombat

PanoDrama's Rehearsed Readings of New International Drama at the Annual Hungarian Theatre Festival POSzT

5-8 June 2009, Pécs

Continuing the tradition started last year PanoDrama produced three staged readings at the Annual Theatre Festival of the Best Productions in Pécs. Three packed houses in the House of Arts in this mediterranean Hungarian city were witness to the success of the genre, the plays and PanoDrama's initiative.

Lukas Bärfuss: The Test
translated by Attila Lőrinczy

After last year's success with The Bus, the most exciting Swiss playwright of our days was given another reading of a new play, whose translation was commissioned by PanoDrama and paid by the Goethe Institute. His earliest play, The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents will be directed by the same director to open in early autumn as the first ever Bärfuss-premiere in Hungary.

with István Gyuricza, József Kelemen, Lia Pokorny, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Olga Varjú

Dramaturg/Producer: Anna Lengyel

Directed by Attila Réthly

Vasily Sigaryev: Guppi
translated by Annamária Radnai

One of Russia's most successful playwrights, who has had several exciting productions in Hungary inspired the translation, which was then co-financed by PanoDrama. The reading had a star cast and will be repeated in the autumn before the full production soon coming up.

with Imre Csuja, Anna Györgyi, Péter Scherer

Directed by Csaba Kiss

Alice Müller: Elvira and Petunia

This play, written in Hungarian by a Swiss playwright, won third place at PanoDrama's playwriting workshop this past winter. Alice Müller is an actor, playwright and director, who participated at the rehearsals of her short absurdist drama to get a first full reading at the festival. A discussion with the author followed.

with Eszter Bánfalvi, Tibor Mertz, Tamás Ujláb, Tibor Urbán, Marianna Szalay,

Directed by Böbe Bodor

The first year's program in 2008 included
The Bus by Lukas Bärfuss
translated by Ildikó Gáspár

with Ferenc Elek, Judit Pogány, Anna Szandtner, László Szula, Krisztina Urbanovits, Zoltán Varga

dramaturg/producer: Anna Lengyel
directed by Andor Lukáts

Mobile Horror by Juha Jokela
translated by Yvette Jankó-Szép

with Attila Magyar, Gábor Róbert, Ákos Orosz, Edit Vlahovics

Shadow of a Boy by Arne Lygre
translated by Éva Dobos

with Zsuzsa Horváth, Erzsébet Nagyváradi, Anna Orosz, András Pál, Tibor Szakács

Dramaturgy by Judit Garai

Directed by Gábor Czeizel