2011. január 17., hétfő

Chaos by Mika Myllyaho- a workshop at the Nordwind Festival Berlin

Workshop Presentation im HAU 1st October 2009
coproduction with the Nordwind Festival 
workshop led by Martina Marti and Anna Lengyel
Judica Albrecht, Johanna Falckner, Katharina Hauck, Nicola Hecker, Simone Henn, Nicole Janze, Claudia Schwartz, Verena Specht-Ronique, Claudia Steiger
PanoDrama's concept of workshopping this wonderful dark comedy for three with nine women has proved a hit in Hungary, so now we have repeated the exercise with a group of German actresses in the framework of Nordwind Festival. The one-week workshop was co-led by the Swiss translator/director Martina Marti, who has been living and working in Finland for years and PanoDrama's founder Anna Lengyel. The most interesting lesson we learned was how similarly Finnish and Hungarian people seem to approach a Myllyaho-play, taking their cue from the situations and the characters which the Finnish playwright is so famous for, while the initial German approach seemed to regard these texts more as only that, wanting to work against the situation, but then quickly got the hang of the playwright's special sense of humour. 
The presentation was fairly full in the foyer of HAU1 and the audience enjoyed the evening clearly. 
Nordwind Festival focuses on Nordic theatre and as such has a Finnish focus in common with PanoDrama. A Smeds-evening shed light on the brilliant director and playwright Miss Lengyel worked with while still at Krétakör.

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