2011. január 17., hétfő

Hunting Feast and B-Sector - with Jelinek against racism

“Life without memory is no life at all, just as an intelligence without the possibility of expression is not really an intelligence. Our memory is our coherence, our reason, our feeling, even our action. Without it, we are nothing.”
Luis Buñuel
I never liked political theatre. But what I would like even less is not talking about what’s going on in Hungary today. That we perform Chekhov and Feydeau as if murderous racism weren’t back on the streets and as if we weren’t forced to read slogans from the thirties on the walls and in some papers.
It is the whys and wherefores that we are searching for in these three days. But one thing is certain: Hungary never faced its fascist past. Just like Austria hasn’t until very recently. And since Hungarian dramatists don’t yet seem to want to write about what is happening around them, it is with Elfriede Jelinek that we try to find the cause and start discussing possible solutions.
Anna Lengyel, founder of PanoDrama
 Sponsored by: Kulturforum Österreich, OSI

Facing the Past, Dealing with the Present with Hope for the Future
8 March 2010 Monday

19h-0h30 Elfriede Jelinek: Sportsplay
Einar Schleef’s legendary performance recorded from the Vienna Burgtheater about the fascism of sports.
9  March 2010 Tuesday

Open University Lecture Series:  The Pathology of Hating What’s Different

20h 30 Eszter Fischer, psychologist: Enough of calling them Jews jolly names! - Let’s face our past and learn from it like Germany does

22h Elfriede Jelinek: Rechnitz
rehearsed reading directed by Csaba Polgár

with Andor Lukáts, Zsolt Máthé, Judit Pogány, Csilla Radnay, Kálmán Somody, Nóra Dia Takács

180 forced labour worker Jews were humiliated and slaughtered by Countess Battyhány and her company in 1944 at her castle in Rechnitz in the framework of a jolly hunting party.
The Hungarian countess was never tried for this monstrous deed, nor were her fellow-partiers. The mass grave still hasn’t been found.
10 March 2010 Wednesday

18h Roma/Non-Roma - where does the hatred come from? 
 ten-day workshop led by the TIE teacher and actor Yvette Feuer

The actor and TIE teacher Yvette Feuer has been working with  for almost a year including all age groups from small children to young adults. PanoDrama commissioned her to do a ten-day workshop with young Romanies from Barcs, Pécs, Hétes and Kaposvár  and young people of all colours from Budapest in the theme of hatred and discrimination against the Roma.

20h Elfriede Jelinek: Rod, Staff and Crook
rehearsed reading

Preceding the April premiere of PanoDrama we organize a workshop and present its result this evening about the four Hungarian Roma murdered by a racist in Burgenland.

With: Eszter Csákányi, Ágnes Kaszás, Péter Scherer, Marianna Szalay, Ádám Tompa

Workshop led by: Róbert Pejó and Anna Lengyel

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